Class Overview

The following are brief descriptions of classes being offered for the 2019-20 school year.

If you are interested in registering a student, please contact me as soon as possible in order to allow for appropriate planning.

Please note that all classes are scheduled for three weeks on, one week off, from September - May.

Syllabi are available via email and by request.

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beginning honors english

Schedule: Wednesdays, 10am - 12pm

6th - 8th grade students



Class Lecture & Note-Taking

Comprehension Questions

Literary Devices & Analysis

Interactive Reading Notebook

Grammar Instruction

Objective Assessments

Monthly Book Analysis Projects

Written Reports

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British Literature

Schedule: Wednesdays, 1pm - 3pm

8th - 12th grade students



Mythology & Poetry

Western Canon Literature

Criticism Lenses/Theories

Socratic Discussion

Literary Devices & Analysis


Objective Assessments

Inquiry-Led Projects

Written Reports



Beginning Logic & Rhetoric


Schedule: Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm

11th - 12th grade students                    


Syllogisms & Argumentation

Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Analysis

In-Class Discussion