“You have never met an ordinary person.”
— C.S. Lewis "The Weight of Glory"

This quote speaks to what I believe about every student; it is what I believe about your student. Because this of this truth, I consider teaching your student a privilege.  It is a weighty responsibility to teach, encourage, and influence this next generation, and I want to do it to the best of my ability. This also means that I expect the best from your students.  I expect their best behavior, their best questions, their best effort.  I have high standards, and I work hard to help each student reach beyond what they expect of themselves and to accomplish more than they think possible.  When we give them the chance, we find what they can do is extraordinary.


My classes are organized around lecture, discussion, and note-taking components.  The assignments are relevant to our reading and also geared to help each student gain skills that will help them as they move forward in their schooling - wherever they end up.  Reading good literature, analyzing historical events, responding to comprehension questions, practicing oral presentations, and participating in non-threatening class discussions allows the students to develop a wide range of skills to carry them through future classes. I provide a syllabus and stay in regular contact with parents if there are changes that need to be made.  Also, I am available for questions and extra sessions as needed.


I keep track of graded assignments and provide semester and year-end grades.  However, the parent has the final word on the grade the student earns.  With once per week classes, it is impossible for me to know the full amount of work your student is doing, the time and effort she is putting into each assignment, and any other parts of school that would contribute to her final grade.  I consider myself a "secondary source" for information on what your student knows and how your student is progressing.  I want to help and encourage and challenge. The grade on record is up to you.


I am serious about learning, but I am also very serious about loving to learn.  That is my biggest goal in working with any student.